We genuinely believe the planning process is just as important and should be just as fun as your wedding day! When you start your planning journey with us, you have a friend for life. We are an experienced, down-to-earth team of creatives who are also phenomenal listeners and customer-service-focused. We love incorporating personal details to elevate and refine a day that's a genuine reflection of you as individuals and as a couple. This allows your love story to shine just the way it should. Open communication, connection, humor and kindness are essential to us in ensuring not only a seamless event, but an enjoyable planning process. 

Nice to meet you!

about us

Remember your childhood friend that you spent every day during the school year and summer with? The same friend who meets up with you months or years later and you pick up right where you left off? That easy-going feeling and unforced conversation? That's how Mae wants her couples to feel after their initial meeting. Deep connection is the heart of Beyond Smitten Events. Mae started Beyond Smitten Events in 2017 hoping to find the perfect balance between her passion and quality moments with family. She found more than that and hasn't looked back! With a degree in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management, she often refers to food as her first love (!!!) and yes, making sure people are well taken care of is second nature to her! Mae's calm, down-to-earth personality has helped couples feel at ease when the stress levels get high. She's the queen of quoting comedies and is not afraid to laugh at herself which couples find endearing! 

Owner & Lead Planner 


Carlie is a natural when it comes to event planning and coordination! She's a multi-tasker at heart and loves to stay busy. She loves being able to make sure couples have the day of their dreams free from stress and full of love. She's currently a student at UC Davis where she's found her love of advocacy, social media marketing, and event planning! Romantic comedies, all genres of music, sweets, art, and plants are some things she's a huge fan of!

Wedding Assistant


Beth joined the Beyond Smitten Events team in 2019 and is a rockstar when it comes to the finest details. Couples and her team appreciate her bright smile, go-getter attitude, and ability to adjust to any unexpected obstacles the day might bring. She checks, double checks, and then triple checks all details of the wedding day, allowing couples to breathe easy and enjoy each moment with their loved ones. Spending time with her husband and fur babies makes her the happiest!



Cheyanne's gracious and easy-going demeanor has brought so much joy to couples and teammates alike! She started her journey with Beyond Smitten Events in early 2019 after moving to the Sacramento area. She has a gift for anticipating needs and acting on them in the most thoughtful ways. With her background in customer service, she's a pro at navigating sticky situations whether it's during the planning process or on the wedding day itself. Her favorite part of a wedding day is that special pause right before she sends someone down the aisle. 

Lead Planner



"We would have been lost without our incredible wedding planner Mae Mallon of Beyond Smitten Events. A planner was absolutely crucial, seeing as neither of us lived locally. Mae was an invaluable resource, offering everything from design ideas to excellent referrals, but more than that, she became a dear friend and shoulder to lean on, particularly as the pandemic became an inevitable part of every discussion. She was patient, poised, and so well-organized, with a gentle spirit and eternal optimism that kept us afloat on harder days. Professionalism with ease and authentic kindness!"