Wedding Planning Services For Busy Couples

May 22, 2023

Here are the best wedding planning packages for newly engaged couples!

Be honest. Which newly engaged couple are you? 

  1. We’re ready to PLAN and we have the Pinterest board to prove it. 
  2. We’re a little overwhelmed on where to get started but excited for the process! 
  3. We’re busy and wish we had all the time in the world to plan our wedding but we just have so much on our plates as it is.  


  1. We’re lost. Help!
wedding planning package for newly engaged couples

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We get an array of newly engaged couples that come to us on this spectrum of “wedding planning readiness” and there’s no right or wrong place to be. No matter where you fall, planning a wedding is a lot of work, and we urge you to have grace for yourself. You’ve likely never planned a wedding before. This is your first crack at it, and no one is perfect their first time doing anything! 

In the whirlwind of the planning process, our greatest joy as planners is to bring relief to a potentially stressful and overwhelming experience. We do this by offering guidance, keeping a pulse on all the moving parts, and ultimately, orchestrating a day that you feel mentally and emotionally present to savor and deeply enjoy.  

But how do you know which level of service will fit your needs? Here’s some important things to keep in mind when deciding which package type is best for you: 

Choose the FULL-SERVICE package if…

the thought of taking every wedding planning duty off your plate sounds like music to your ears. This service matches you with a lead planner that will take the time to understand who you are as a couple, ask poignant questions to develop a design unique to you, and conduct the long hours of research to coordinate, book, and execute your wedding from start to finish.

Your involvement in the planning process will include crossing a handful of T’s and dotting a few I’s, but most importantly, your job will be to enjoy the ease of the months leading up to your big day! 

Choose this package if you want to show up to your wedding day and by the event’s end find yourself saying: “That’s exactly what I would’ve planned for myself!” 

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you like the idea of having a hand in the planning process and have a good idea of your vision but would benefit from an industry professional coming alongside you to offer guidance and lend a hand throughout the long months leading up to your wedding date.

With the Event Management and Wedding Day Coordination package, a lead planner will get to the root of what’s most important to you as a couple and craft a planning strategy that will fit your capacity–all while offering essential advice, assisting in the development of event design, and of course, tracking with you every step of the way. 

This package is right for you if you and your partner wish to be hands-on but also love the comfort of knowing a well-seasoned professional is along for the ride at every stage.

wedding planning

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Choose the MONTH-OF COORDINATION package if…

your love language is spreadsheets, you make good use of your label maker, and you’re ready to take on the bulk of your wedding planning! Month-of Coordination is the perfect package for the newly engaged couple that’s up for the task of conducting all the research, vetting, and booking that their planning process will require. While this couple prefers to be hands-on, they would love a professional in their corner to offer support when they hit walls, need advice, or have questions that a Google search fails to answer. 

For the lovebirds who would benefit from a trustworthy coordinator to come in a few weeks before the big day, polish all the details, and help your vision sing, the Month-of Coordination package is for you!

wedding planning package
newly engaged couples

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